This is not my only presence on the web. In fact, it's only one of several. But it is, intentionally, the one where rules fall by the wayside, where I can play in the darkness and the light. It is the place that shall maintain a certain amount of mystery.

In my more mainstream manifestations, I'm a published author. My photographs have been widely shown in galleries and printed in magazines and books. Here, none of that matters.

Yes, I sometimes accept individuals as collaborators in my art. From those who wish to stand in front of my camera, I ask a few simple things: Be comfortable with what you see here, and willing to participate in moments similar yet different; be willing to help me create something that's more than just a pretty picture, and be willing to contribute your own creative vision. For those who are content to simply discuss what is here, or related ideas; start by sending me an e-mail, or perhaps offer to buy me a cup of coffee.

Most of the time, I'm in northern California. I get around, though. Ask, you never know.